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It’s no surprise that I’m extremely committed to the public sector. I’ve devoted my career to it, first as an employee, then as a consultant, and now also as a mentor to other public sector consultants.

As the Director of Jacq Hackett Consulting, I provide consulting services to NSW public health agencies.

In addition, I provide training, support, and mentoring to public sector consultants who have recently started their business or people on the cusp of making the move.

Want support to start or build your consulting business?

I completely understand the attraction of leaving employment for consulting – I’ve reaped the benefits for over two decades. People are commonly seeking more flexibility, more choice about the kind of work they do, and of course the opportunity to be their own boss – to do things on their own terms. Another common attraction is the potential for higher income without crippling hours. All of those benefits are entirely possible, but there is a learning curve to get there.

After over 20 years in business, I’m passionate about developing the next generation of excellent public sector consultants.  There’s a lot to learn and the transition is rarely seamless.  Your employment career provides the foundations, but becoming an excellent consultant takes effort, the ability to operate outside your comfort zone, and a willingness to engage in your own development.

It will also require an active shift in mindset to effectively transition from employee to consultant and small business owner.

And once we make that transition, we are still paid from the public purse. So in my book, that means we need to be very, very good at what we do.

I offer a suite of training programs that can support your professional development as you either start or build your consulting business.  This ranges from free video training sessions, right through to my flagship mentoring program that combines a comprehensive suite of online training modules with 8 weeks of small-group mentorship plus 1:1 sessions with me.

Mentoring and Resources for Public Sector Consultants

Looking for 1:1 support? My individual mentoring sessions will provide you with specific, targeted support on any issue or challenge at any time.

Looking for resources? I have a number of free cheat sheets you can download.

Consult – Book Available Now

Jacq’s book Consult invites you into the often closed shop of the consulting world. You’ll learn what you need to know to get you started on the right track, as well as practical tips and simple steps for developing your consulting expertise over time.

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