• Proposals Workshop

    1 Lesson
    • Consulting Proposals Online Workshop - $27.00 AUD

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  • Masterclass Series

    19 Lessons
    • Masterclass Series - $2,499.00 AUD

    The Masterclass Series provides you with the most comprehensive suite of online training modules available for public sector consultants. The Masterclass series distils over two decades of my consulting experience, so you don’t have to guess or wing it as you step into consulting. The training modules focus on these core areas: Consulting skills and...

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  • Accelerator

    19 Lessons

      This Accelerator program is designed to teach you everything you need to know to grow your public sector consultancy into a profitable, sustainable business. In the Public Sector Consulting Accelerator, you’ll learn how to: Get the work –  Where to look for public sector projects, how to interpret briefs and prepare proposals, and how to...

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    • Launchpad

      4 Lessons
      • Launchpad - $625.00 AUD

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    • Public Sector Consulting Fundamentals

      6 Lessons
      • Fundamentals - $297.00 AUD

      Public Sector Consulting Fundamentals focuses on some of the essential building blocks of developing a successful public sector consultancy business. If you’ve recently made the transition from employment to consulting – or you’re on the cusp of making the move, this program is going to be invaluable. There are so many topics I could cover,...

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