I’m worried about confidentiality within the small group – how do you manage that?

The issue of confidentiality comes up regularly. 

In particular, participants who are planning their move to consulting but haven’t yet informed their employer or colleagues want to ensure that this information is not leaked inappropriately. 

Others worry that the small cohort might include a close colleague or a potential competitor which would result in them being uncomfortable to openly share and participate.  

Group safety and confidentiality are extremely important to me and there are a number of measures I take to ensure this.  If there are enrolments in a cohort from people who I think may be a bit too close professionally, I will check this out with those individuals and suggest moving to a different cohort if necessary. [this has only happened once in the past].  I also spend time in the first session discussing confidentiality and group safety and setting some ground rules.  I regularly check in with the group as to how they are going with regard to group safety.