I offer free training, a suite of online training programs and my flagship 8-week mentoring program that combines online learning with face-to-face mentoring with a small group of like-minded consultants.

Public sector consulting is an enviable career move

  • You can continue to contribute to the public sector, without the stress and restrictions that come with a senior employment role.
  • You can focus on projects that interest you and that have the potential to make a difference.  And you can finally leave behind the work that you don’t love doing.
  • It can provide you with greater flexibility and improvements to your work/life balance.
  • You can bring your public sector values with you but do things on your own terms.
  • And the financial rewards can be substantial.

But starting or growing a public sector consulting business can also be very challenging.

And it’s especially hard when you’re flying solo.

Having a mentor can make all the difference

I was lucky enough to have a mentor when I made the move to consulting. Without that support, I probably wouldn’t have had the courage to make the move, I would have made many, many costly beginners mistakes, and would definitely have taken much longer to become an effective consultant.

Now it’s my turn to pass on what I’ve learned.

My programs focus on three key components:

  • Consulting skills and knowledge [what I like to call consulting ‘trade craft’]
  • Business establishment and development
  • Mindset

All three are critical to success.

There are so many things to learn about the ‘how to’ of consulting [quoting, proposal writing, stakeholder engagement, analysis, report writing client management, project management to name just a few].

And then there’s all the learning associated with running a small business [including setting up the business, marketing, managing finances, compliance and cash flow and much more].

But what also holds people back is a lack of confidence.  Despite having a solid career behind them, almost everyone who makes the move [or thinks about it] doubts themselves.   “Do I have what it takes?”  “Will I win enough business to stay afloat”?  “I’m anxious about having to market myself?” “What if no-one gives me work?” “How will I be able to compete in the marketplace”?

My programs distil all of my knowledge and practice wisdom from over two decades of public sector consulting.  And because mindset is so critical to your success, they also support you to work through any limiting beliefs that might be holding you back.

And when you enrol in any of my programs you get lifetime access to the training modules and materials.

My commitment to you

If you’re looking for mentoring from someone who:

  • Has a deep knowledge of and commitment to the public sector;
  • Cares about your success;
  • Will generously share what she knows and what she’s learnt;
  • Understands the learning curve and the challenges and wants to walk with you through those.

Then you’re in the right place.

You can have a successful consulting business.
You do have what it takes.
You deserve more flexibility and choice in your working life.
Your continued contribution to the public sector is important and will make a difference.

And you can have the support you need to get there.

Having now worked with hundreds of consultants, I know that my programs make a huge difference; that they provide the support people need to make the transition with confidence, find their niche and build a successful business. As one of my recent Accelerator participants said, “I’m a very different person from when I first started your program”.  And that’s what I love to hear – that the mentoring and training I provide is transformational.

Throughout this website you can read and watch many testimonials from participants and hear how they’ve benefited from working with me.

You can start with whatever program appeals to you most – there are five to choose from

Ready to make the move to consulting?
Want to develop and grow your consulting business?

Join one of my public sector consulting programs.


$6,429.00 AUD

The Accelerator is an 8-week group mentoring program designed to teach you everything you need to know to start or grow a profitable, sustainable public sector consulting business. In the Accelerator, we focus on skill development, business development, and mindset development.

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Consulting Proposals Online Workshop

$27.00 AUD

Learn How To Write Compelling Consulting Proposals That Win More Public Sector Projects.

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$297.00 AUD

Five video training sessions focusing on some of the essential building blocks of developing a successful public sector consultancy business. 

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$625.00 AUD

Launchpad will prepare you to launch [or re-launch] your public sector consulting business by guiding you step by step through

  • Defining your service offering
  • Developing your capability statement
  • Developing an initial marketing strategy
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Masterclass Series

$2,499.00 AUD

The Masterclass series distils over two decades of consulting experience into the most comprehensive online training program available, tailored specifically for public sector consultants.

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Mentoring and Resources for Public Sector Consultants

Looking for 1:1 support? My individual mentoring sessions will provide you with specific, targeted support on any issue or challenge at any time.

Looking for resources? I have a number of free cheat sheets you can download.

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