Public Sector Consulting

Live Workshop and Q&A Session

How to write better proposals is one of the topics I get asked about most frequently by new public sector consultants.

And it’s such an important topic!

Your ability to win consultancy projects is dependent on the quality of your proposals.

Your prior career experience and your reputation are important foundations for a move to consulting, but they aren’t enough. Unless you master the art of producing excellent consultancy proposals, you risk not winning enough business, not having enough cash flow, and ultimately feeling like you have to let go of your dream of working for yourself.

In addition, most people don’t understand how to frame their proposal to take account of unplanned or unknown eventualities that lead to scope creep. As a result, they’re not in a good negotiating position once the contract has been signed off.

But I’m here to help with all of that.

In this live training, I’m going to go over the 8 essential elements you need to include in your consulting proposal. This is the exact template that I use and that has won me hundreds of consultancy projects over the past two decades running my own business.

I’m also going to focus on two additional issues that are really going to help you improve your proposals:

  • I’m going to give you my number one tip for nailing the brief – this is information usually reserved for my Accelerator participants and it will change how you frame section one of your proposal – your understanding of the client’s brief.
  • I’m going to delve a bit more deeply into scope issues – specifically how to ensure you do some risk management from the outset around project scope, and how to position yourself better for re-negotiation if the scope shifts once you get started on the project.

After the training, we will have a Q&A session to answer any questions you have about consultancy proposals or building a consulting business in general. And there is no question that isn’t valid!


Date : Wednesday March 8th
Time : 10:00am – 11:30am AEDT

Live Workshop and Q&A Session

$47.00 AUD

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