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How to Build Your Successful Solo Business

The world of public sector consulting can seem like a closed shop for those trying to enter it. Consult invites you into that world and demystifies it.  You’ll learn what you need to know to get you started on the right track, as well as practical tips and simple steps for developing your consulting expertise over time.

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  1. vigilantemarketing

    “I believe that what you’ve published is one of the best books I’ve seen. The quality of your book is extraordinary…and I teach people to write and publish books. If you’re a solo consultant and you don’t get hold of this book I think you’re crazy.”
    Andrew Griffith –Australia’s #1 small business and entrepreneurial author

  2. vigilantemarketing

    “Jacq Hackett has produced a comprehensive guide for would-be consultants from the perspective of an experienced consultant to the public sector – a domain with its own challenges and rewards.

    In these times of career uncertainty, especially for experienced professionals, consulting can seem a tempting alternative path. Rather than going in blind, anyone thinking of making such a move would do well to read this book. As well as covering the nuts and bolts, Hackett has succeeded in distilling the essence of consulting, demystifying the process, outlining the pitfalls, and lauding the satisfactions.

    Consult is the ideal guide and companion for getting the edge in a growing and competitive field.”
    Dierdre Livolsi – News Producer, News LTD Adelaide

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