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Public Sector Consulting Launchpad will have you laser-focused on your business – what exactly is your consulting business and how will you position and market yourself?

These are some of the common questions and issues people dwell on as they make the transition:

  • What services will I provide?
  • I have so many skills and experiences, what do I focus on as a consultant?
  • If I narrow down a niche, won’t this have me missing out on potential consulting opportunities?
  • How on earth do I market myself?
  • Maybe I don’t need to actively market myself; surely my reputation will be enough to generate business?
  • I’ve never taken a lot of notice of LinkedIn as an employee – is it more important now?
  • What’s a capability statement and do I really need one?

Launchpad is delivered via a series of interactive worksheets that guide you step by step through

  • Identifying your ideal target client
  • Defining your service offering
  • Developing your capability statement
  • Developing a marketing strategy

Once you’ve completed the work I will review your capability statement, updated LinkedIn profile, and marketing strategy.

We then spend a 1-hour Zoom session together to refine your materials.

If you have questions about the Launchpad program, book a 15-minute call with me


$625.00 AUD

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How is the program structured?

Launchpad comprises a sequential series of four practical worksheets. Each worksheet focuses on a key component of the work required to define your service offering, develop a capability statement for your business and develop an initial marketing strategy. 

You can complete the worksheets at your own pace.

Once you’ve completed all the worksheets, I’ll review your updated LinkedIn profile, capability statement, and marketing strategy.

We then spend an hour together over Zoom so I can provide you with feedback and further guidance.

How do I get access to the worksheets?

Once you enroll, you will be given login details to the site where you can access all the worksheets. You download and save the worksheets so you can complete them. 

How do I organize our 1:1 session?

Once you’ve emailed me your draft capability statement, the link to your updated LinkedIn profile, and your draft marketing plan, I will send you a link to schedule a time with me.  

I notice that the Launchpad program is included in the Public Sector Consulting Accelerator – if I purchase Launchpad and then subsequently want to enroll in the Accelerator, do I get a discount?

Absolutely – I will provide you with a coupon code you can use at the checkout and the cost of the Launchpad program will be taken off the Accelerator course cost.

I have a question that isn’t listed here. Who do I ask?

Email: info@publicsectorconsulting.net and we’ll get back to you

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